Who Are We?

Downey Side is a national adoption agency dedicated to special needs children whom we call “America’s Waiting Children”.  Downey Side is one of the few national adoption agencies in the U.S. recruiting families for America’s Waiting Children.

Consider adopting a waiting child.  You will find 5 groups of children.

  • Older children.
  • Minority children.
  • Physically challenged children.
  • Emotionally challenged children.
  • Sibling groups (ages 2- 17 years old)

Mission Statement

Downey Side’s philosophy is rooted in the conviction that every child has the right to a permanent family.  It is our purpose to work in partnership with the government as a licensed adoption agency to place America’s waiting children who otherwise would remain homeless.  We are dedicated to family life for all children and strongly believe that a healthy permanent relationship is the best prevention against homelessness.

Downey Side has the additional purpose of leading members of each community to become advocates for children in need.